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What It Takes To Open Your Own Glitter Products Store

Opening a glitter products store is indeed a challenging task because you will be selling products unique to a specific niche and genre. Glitter has been drawing people to it since the dawn of civilisation and the earliest form of glitter was shiny mica, naturally forming sheets of silicate forming mineral. In the 19th century, glitter was finely ground coloured glass and took on the colour of the glass. However, glitter as we know today came into being in the 1930’s when a New Jersey machinist accidentally ground a load of scrap metal and plastic.

Glitter is used in any number of products and it will not be possible for you to store all of them. Hence, before opening a glitter product store, a lot of careful planning is required. Turning a dream into a well established brick and mortar store is definitely not easy.

Here are a few tips that you will do well to follow to open your own glitter products store.

Get experience in this field – Glitter is a unique product and hence it is recommended that you acquire some experience. It is not necessary that you have to get employed in a similar type of store. You can talk to owners of glitter products stores in your locality and see the layout of the stores and classification and display of products. Try to get an idea of customers’ tastes and preferences and the main fast selling items. You should also research the Internet for the range of glitter products available. A sure shot option is to browse the various online stores for glitter products on sale,. They usually stock the best of and the widest range of a product category.

Have an exclusive set-up – Glitter products are quite common today so if you have to beat the competition you will have to come up with something different. One of the ways of doing so is to go for a specific range of products and be a specialist in it. You can choose to go for the cosmetics line or the decorative line. Once you have made a decision, you can have a website created and SEO optimised on these lines so that people searching online for your range of products will find them on the top of search engine results pages. This will definitely draw in business to your store.

Have a business plan – As in any business, this will be crucial for your long term business growth. A business plan is a road map that will determine the direction that you want your business to take. It is recommended that you hire the services of an experienced business consultant for this task. This document will have your future financials, revenue and expenditure, working capital requirements as well as proposed marketing strategies. Once you get these variables written down, it will be easy for you to follow them and make midway course corrections if needed.

Location of the store – This is very crucial, get it wrong and you can mar your future business prospects. If you are selling the cosmetics range, a residential setting should be preferred. For decorative items or miscellaneous products such as glitter clothes, glitter socks, sparkling soles of shoes or even glitter toilet seats, go for a large store in an upscale locality or a commercial area. Get in touch with professionals in this field to guide you on the many legal intricacies. For example, for the state of Victoria, take advice from commercial property lawyers in Melbourne to prepare the contracts and ensure that you are getting a fair deal. Make sure that there is adequate frontage for signage as well as parking space.

Hire trained staff – Get on board experienced and trained staff well versed in selling glitter products. Make sure that they know how each product should be used so that customers can be advised appropriately. Good service is the foundation for quick business growth and development.

Keep these pointers in mine when you open your own glitter products store.

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The Effect of Glitter Makeup on Skin

The effect of glitter in makeup does exactly what its name suggests – makes your skin literally light up and look rejuvenated and shiny. Most times, makeup is intended to portray the natural look at home and office or for informal occasions. But what about those times when an extra punch is needed to look glamorous and spice up an event or two? That extra special sparkle can be instantly achieved with make-up glitter, transforming a normal look into a red carpet style.

But first, what is glitter that is used in cosmetics? One type of glitter that does not have FDA approval is made from polyurethane terephthalate, the commonly known as PET plastic and aluminium. These sheets are first coloured to various tints and then ground down into fine particles.

The size of glitter depends largely on the intended end purpose. Those used directly in cosmetics are required to be minutely small while glitter that is used directly on the skin to accentuate the eye shape or highlight cheekbones is bigger in size. However, some of the pigments that are used to tint glitter sheets might not be FDA approve, which is one reason excessive glitter use is not good for the skin.

Another substance used in cosmetics that partly duplicates the glitter effect is mica. These particles are very small, less than one micron. But unlike normal glitter that is usually preferred by the younger lot, mica offers a rather matte finish, just ideal for makeup in mature women. However, mica, a very common ingredient of mineral makeup has its risks too. These nano sized particles if inhaled can cause respiratory problems. It is therefore advisable to apply mineral makeup with a long applicator brush and shake off excess powder away from the body.

The effect of glitter make-up on skin is to increase the glam quotient. Different cosmetics have glitter as an ingredient for specific effects. Including:

Cream glitter – This mix is simply face cream with glitter included. It has to be applied like normal face cream but care has to be taken while doing so. The cream has to be to be applied evenly as otherwise the glitter content in it might make it look chunky at places. Further, do not rub the cream deeply into the skin as the glitter in it might cause minor scratches and irritation.

Glitter eye shadow – This is available in different colours with the pigmented eye shadow being mixed with glitter specks. While it is true that it does highlight the eye and adds a shine especially when flash is popping all around, there is an element of risk too. If the glitter per se gets in the eye, there is bound to be redness and irritation.

Loose glitter – This is just a pack of coloured glitter specks and is spread out on specific parts of the face or the eyes over makeup or pigmented shadow. However, this could well be dangerous for you. Glitter particles that are not approved and not considered safe can be damaging for your skin and eyes. The common issue in this case is cuts and scratches on the surface of the skin and around the eyes.

However, if this occurs, do not lose heart. Seek an appointment with a beauty clinic or spa for a skin rejuvenation procedure. A microdermabrasion machine will slowly work over your skin till the cuts and abrasions are reduced and eliminated.

Use glitter with care and you’ll not have to face such problems.

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